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WeWork, Former CEO Accused of Gender, Pregnancy Discrimination

California readers might remember that WeWork CEO Adam Neumann was ousted from his job in September after his failed attempt to take the company public. Now, he and the company…

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Prejudice Against Female Managers Less Among Younger Workers

Biases against women in leadership positions in the workplace might be easing among the younger generation. Research by an economics professor about employees’ reactions to feedback and criticism from male…

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Sex Discrimination Evident in Unequal Pay, Hiring and Promotions

People experiencing sex discrimination in California workplaces often have an uphill climb to prove that it is happening. The discriminatory actions might take place over a long stretch of time,…

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Different Forms of Workplace Discrimination

Californian workers have certain protections under the law that disallows them from being discriminated against. However, discrimination can come in many different forms and may be difficult to identify. The…

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California Recently Outlawed Hairstyle Discrimination

Numerous forms of harassment permeated workplaces around California. From sexual harassment to discrimination based on disabilities, many variations have protections. However, there are just as many factors that do not…

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What Are Some Ways That You Can Encourage Tolerance at Work?

Developing a work environment where you and your coworkers can feel welcome, protected, and valued is something that your employer should be actively striving for each day. One way that…

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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Although many companies have developed ways of reducing gender bias and leveling the playing field when it comes to equal rights, gender discrimination still exists in many U.S. industries, including…

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What Is a Reasonable Accommodation?

If you are a disabled California worker, you know that the Americans with Disabilities Act forbids your employer or a potential employer from discriminating against you on the basis of…

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