Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Although many companies have developed ways of reducing gender bias and leveling the playing field when it comes to equal rights, gender discrimination still exists in many U.S. industries, including the federal government. While it is more prevalent in male-dominated industries, such as information technologies, engineering, construction, and law enforcement, gender inequality is still an issue in work fields across the nation.

Gender discrimination can present itself in a number of different ways. In some cases, people may interview men and women differently by asking certain questions, such as whether a woman has children or plans to have children in the near future. Women may be given diminished responsibilities while working in the same position as a male co-worker even though they have the ability to perform at the same level. Managers may speak differently to women than men in general conversation related to work, which could be construed as discrimination as well.

Discrimination can also be seen when women are not given chances to climb the corporate ladder as quickly or at all when compared to male counterparts. Equal pay and equal opportunities should be given to both genders when considering the advancement in the company. Some people may have outdated views or stereotypes of what types of positions women should hold in the workforce. For example, secretarial jobs, nursing, and receptionists are thought to be female jobs, while security officers and firemen are generally not. It is important to keep in mind that gender bias can go both ways, as men may not be found in these positions either.

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