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After spending over a month looking for an attorney and hiring an attorney temporary for my initial pre-hearing I was disappointed. However, after speaking with Mr. Fulton I realize he had a genuine interest in assessing my case beyond the financial aspect. Selecting the Law office of Mr. Fulton, you will know that they are going to give you peace of mind because you will trust that they are looking out for your best interests. A lawyer who will work hard for you, exercise good judgment, and be thorough and thoughtful in the process.

After working with Jeff and his team- I feel such a sense of relief and quite honestly like I fell into the right hands at just the right time. Jeff not only was my lawyer but felt like a mentor. Jeff and his team have empathy, compassion and just a friendly way about them that is so friendly. I thank them for helping me and in more ways than financially . I can truly say this law office changed my life. Thank you Jeff!!

“Very professional. Mr. Fulton was caring, took the time to understand everything about the case. I never felt rushed, he always clarified things for me if I had any questions. The whole process was very nerve racking, and Jeff was very calming.”

“Jeff was not only professional, he wasn’t ‘all business,’ he was also ‘a person.’ Very personable. After the initial meeting, I felt at ease and had an overall ‘good vibe’ about him. He made no empty promises, and I was very happy with the results.”

“The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton took great care to remain professional at all times during my lengthy legal process. Mr. Fulton took time to answer each one of my questions, and worked extremely hard to pursue the legal recourse at hand. Most importantly to me and my family, Mr. Fulton was personable and communicated in a way that made me feel at ease with the complex and frustrating nature of my particular case every step of the way. I would highly recommend Mr. Fulton and his team for anyone seeking a steady and swift hand in fighting legal employment issues.”

“I was hit by a car while working on my front lawn. I had no idea how to deal with the insurance company, and in addition I had to spend two months in the hospital. I ended up with lots of medical bills that needed to be paid. The insurance company of the driver who hit me refused to pay for my medical bills. Jeff worked on my case for several months. I wanted to give up, but Jeff literally would not let me – he kept fighting for me. No matter how frustrated you are going through the legal process, Jeff will not give up nor will he let the client give up. He will handle it. He will do everything within his ability, his legal power, his knowledge to make sure his clients are taken care of.”

“Jeff Fulton and his entire office were invaluable in helping me through a very difficult time in my career. I was dealing with unreimbursed business expenses, wrongful termination, and overwhelmed with the prospects of building my own business and finding new work in a difficult and changing economy. On top of that, I had an abundance of paperwork and had no idea where to begin. Jeff took the time to understand my situation from the start both personally and professionally. He found confirmation in my paperwork that backed up my claims and walked me through the process and answered my questions before each next step. I was very pleased with the outcome, a settlement and peace of mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff and his team.”

“I really enjoyed my experience in every way….

I am delighted to tell you that I have never had a better attorney-client relationship with anyone in all my years except for Jeff and his entire staff.

My situation was handled with class and respect all along the way, and these cases can go on for ever and ever, and Jeff made my situation very easy, very simple and very understandable too.

Cases can and may get very complicated, but Jeff and his team handled all that and just gave me all the facts in layman’s terms that I needed, and it was much appreciated by me.

My case was a time-consuming one for Fulton Law, and Jeff always kept me in the loop when needed, he always cut to the chase and made my decisions easy and simple for me.

Jeff Fulton was the most personable and easy going and actually fun person to be around, attorneys can be stuffy and bland…but not Jeff Fulton, I consider him a very professional and very skilled and accomplished lawyer, and a fine upstanding man.

Jeff is a consummate lawyer and a very proficient and capable attorney.

I give my 100% recommendation to Jeff Fulton and his wonderful law firm…and have the utmost respect for him personally.”

What Clients Say

“I am delighted to tell you that I have never had a better attorney-client relationship with anyone in all my years … My situation was handled with class and respect all along the way.”