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The Top 5 Employment Law Mistakes That Can Cost Your Business Thousands

As a business owner, navigating employment law can be complicated and stressful. Making mistakes can lead to costly lawsuits and legal fees. That's why having a business lawyer can help…

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How the California FEHA Protects Employees

California has a reputation for being one of the states with the most robust employee protections. A significant part of this reputation comes from the Fair Employment and Housing Act…

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California Workers’ Rights

California is renowned for its forward-thinking policies and strong worker protection laws. As a worker in the Golden State, you possess numerous rights under federal and state law. However, employers…

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Can Remote Workers Face Sexual Harassment?

Working remotely can offer many advantages and opportunities to employees, including more flexibility and freedom. But as with any situation, especially when you don’t physically interact with colleagues daily, there…

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Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

At your workplace, you should be safe and respected. However, sexual harassment is a reality for many in the working world. But it does not need to stay this way!…

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Why You Should Hire an Employment Attorney

It’s a sad fact, but there are many ways workers’ rights can be violated. Sometimes, this occurs in ways that are overt, but other times, it happens subtly and insidiously…

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Negotiating a Remote Work Arrangement: What You Need to Know

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're interested in negotiating a remote work arrangement. Congratulations! Working remotely has many benefits, both for employees and employers. Our Sacramento employment…

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California Employers Must Post Salary Ranges on Job Listings and Disclose Pay Data

California has passed a new law that expands salary disclosure and pays data reporting requirements. Beginning in 2023, California employers will have to disclose the pay scale for positions to…

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