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The Difference Between a Layoff and Furlough: How to Tell if You’re at Risk

Between the worries of global pandemics and economic recession, many workers are concerned about their jobs. The terms "layoff" and "furlough" have become part of our everyday vocabulary, and many…

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When Does My Employer Have to Give Me My Last Paycheck in California?

If you are an employee in California and have not yet received your last paycheck from your employer, you may wonder what your next steps should be. Our Sacramento employment…

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FAQ: Employee Wage & Hour Rights in California

Employees in California are protected by a variety of wage and hour laws. Whether you are an hourly employee or a salaried employee, it is vital to understand your rights…

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Can Employers Ask About Your Vaccine Status?

The short answer is yes, your employers can ask about your vaccine status. However, there is a caveat to this that we will explore in this blog post. In particular,…

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Filing a Discrimination Lawsuit in California: Pros and Cons

The workplace should be an environment where your employers treat you fairly; unfortunately, this is not always the reality. Suing your employer for discrimination is a process that has its…

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How Do I Know If I’m am Exempt or Non-Exempt Employee in California?

Knowing whether you are an exempt or non-exempt employee is necessary for many reasons. It affects your pay, the number of hours you work, and to what protection you’re legally…

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How to Spot Pregnancy Discrimination & What You Can Do in California?

In today’s workplace, 70% of women have children at home. However, even with more women in the workforce with children, pregnancy discrimination has also steadily increased. Below you will find…

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Why Class Action Lawsuits Are Effective in the California Workplace

What is an Employment Class Action Lawsuit? These lawsuits are filed by a small group of individuals on behalf of a larger group of people. In employment class actions, plaintiffs…

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