Why Class Action Lawsuits Are Effective in the California Workplace

What is an Employment Class Action Lawsuit?

These lawsuits are filed by a small group of individuals on behalf of a larger group of people. In employment class actions, plaintiffs are typically trying to prove that the actions of their employer in discriminating against the smaller group is representative of the discrimination faced by the larger group of people, due to common factors such as their race, age, sex, national origin, ethnicity, etc.

Why Class Actions are Important

Employment class actions have become essential in enforcing civil rights laws in the workplace, and have often been the only way that individual employees have been able to challenge discrimination at their jobs.

Class action lawsuits have the potential to defend the rights of a larger group of people who would otherwise have insufficient economic incentives to file a suit individually. This allows large numbers of employees to ensure anti-discrimination and wage laws are properly enforced.

How Long do Class Actions Last?

These cases typically last one to two years longer than individual cases due to the fact there is discovery (investigation) related to:

  • The class action claims
  • Motions a court must rule upon for or against class certification
  • A possible class certification hearing

Additionally, all of these instances must occur before getting to discovery and a trial on the individual claims, thus accounting for the extended time frame.

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