Sex Discrimination Evident in Unequal Pay, Hiring and Promotions

People experiencing sex discrimination in California workplaces often have an uphill climb to prove that it is happening. The discriminatory actions might take place over a long stretch of time, such as someone striving for a promotion while working for years. The subjective nature of hiring, which hinges on employer’s preferences, can also make discrimination difficult to document. Pay inequities between male and female workers are more apparent. Regardless of any individual’s ability to produce evidence about sex discrimination, multiple research studies have concluded that it is widespread throughout society.

A pay analysis by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that women make roughly 80% of what men earn. The recent lawsuit brought forward by members of the U.S. women’s soccer team presents a glaring example of unequal pay. The league only pays female soccer players about 38% of what male players make.

Women generally have a harder time landing a job as well. An interview study employing paid actors to deliver identical interview responses showed that employers chose male job candidates more often than females. A study that focused on professional orchestras compared the hiring results when employers knew the gender of applicants to decisions based solely on blind auditions that hid the candidates’ gender. When gender was hidden, the chances of women advancing rose by 50%. Women also face difficulty winning promotions after getting a job, especially if they have children.

Legal representation might improve a person’s ability to file a thorough complaint against an employer. An attorney might gather and organize the evidence and cite the laws violated by an employer’s practices and decisions. Although many workplace discrimination complaints do not ultimately result in trials, an attorney may still negotiate an out-of-court settlement during private discussions or arbitration.

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