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How Do You Recognize Different Types of Sexual Harassment?

Unfortunately, many workers in California suffer sexual harassment on a regular basis. It can be difficult to take the step to report harassment, especially when it is coming from a…

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Are Women the Worst Workplace Bullies?

If you are a female working in California or anywhere else across the country, you likely have experienced workplace bullying. But have you ever analyzed the sources of that bullying?…

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Panic Button Approved for Sacramento County Hotel Workers

In 2018, a member of the California Assembly sponsored Assembly Bill 1761. The bill would protect hotel workers from all forms of sexual harassment and assault. Hoteliers rebutted by asserting…

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Why Are Victims of Sexual Harassment Reluctant to Come Forward?

Experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace can impact you emotionally, but it can also have a substantial effect on your productivity and overall wellbeing in the workplace. Regrettably, many women…

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Sexual Harassment With the Department of Justice

Despite intense company training and media accusations of workplace harassment, situations involving sexual harassment continue. In fact, a survey conducted by National Public Radio found that 81 percent of women…

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How to Heal After Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment is a painful experience. It can cause much more than just distress or discomfort at the time of the incident. The effects of sexual harassment in the workplace…

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California Makes Changes to Sexual Harassment Laws

As more and more women enter the workforce and hold high-ranking positions within a company, more attention has been placed on the topic of sexual harassment. Women and men alike…

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Why Is Sexual Harassment So Hard to Prove?

No matter where you work in California, days probably exist – maybe many of them – when you wish you did not have to be there. Maybe the problem is…

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