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What You Should Know About Sexual Harassment in the Food Industry

Working in the food industry can be tough. Restaurants often include a fast-paced environment, and you must not only learn to multi-task several tables at once but also deal with…

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Factors Used to Determine a Hostile Work Environment

Sexual harassment can come in many forms, one of which is a hostile work environment. If you are unsure about whether your workplace in California falls into this category, it…

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Things You May Not Know About Sexual Harassment

Knowing whether or not you have been a victim of sexual harassment at your workplace in California can be difficult. The specifications about what qualifies as harassment, the legal action…

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Can I Be Fired for Reporting Sexual Harassment?

The issue of sexual harassment is far too prevalent in workplaces today. Co-workers or managers may make uncomfortable comments, display inappropriate images in their office or engage in unwanted touching…

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What Qualifies as Sexual Harassment?

Workers in California and the rest of the country need to be aware of what behavior qualifies as sexual harassment. In some situations, it can be hard to determine if…

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Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination Suit Filed

California residents who may believe that people today should be savvy enough to know what is and is not appropriate or allowed in the workforce may be right. However, just…

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Five Surprising Facts About Sexual Harassment at Work

We all know that sexual harassment at work is not acceptable. However, many people have only a fuzzy notion of how the law defines harassment, who is affected, and how…

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