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WeWork, former CEO accused of gender, pregnancy discrimination

California readers might remember that WeWork CEO Adam Neumann was ousted from his job in September after his failed attempt to take the company public. Now, he and the company are being sued for gender discrimination by a former employee.

Prejudice against female managers less among younger workers

Biases against women in leadership positions in the workplace might be easing among the younger generation. Research by an economics professor about employees' reactions to feedback and criticism from male and female bosses showed less prejudice among workers in their 20s. The results might indicate a generational shift away from discriminating against women managers in California.

Sex discrimination evident in unequal pay, hiring and promotions

People experiencing sex discrimination in California workplaces often have an uphill climb to prove that it is happening. The discriminatory actions might take place over a long stretch of time, such as someone striving for a promotion while working for years. The subjective nature of hiring, which hinges on employer's preferences, can also make discrimination difficult to document. Pay inequities between male and female workers are more apparent. Regardless of any individual's ability to produce evidence about sex discrimination, multiple research studies have concluded that it is widespread throughout society.

What are some ways that you can encourage tolerance at work?

Developing a work environment where you and your coworkers can feel welcome, protected and valued is something that your employer should be actively striving for each day. One way that they can do this is by transforming their organizational culture to promote feelings of inclusion, respect and tolerance. Your involvement in this type of company culture can provide you with an incentive to do your best work, as well as a sense of pride that you are part of such a fantastic company in California. 

Limits to reasonable accommodation requirements

At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we know that, as a worker with a disability in California, it can sometimes be difficult for you to gain the support you need from your employer to do your job. Nevertheless, the law is on your side. The Americans with Disabilities Act has been in effect for nearly 30 years now and requires that your employer make reasonable accommodations to allow you to perform your work duties on an equal footing with your nondisabled coworkers. 

Does your work discriminate against pregnancy?

In California, residents are supposed to be able to apply for any job you want without facing discrimination. Unfortunately, not every company will oblige by these laws. At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we take your ability to work where you want seriously. We will provide plenty of information to help you avoid being unfairly discriminated against.

California state senator advances bill to end hair discrimination

There are legitimate health and safety issues related to long hair in the workplace in certain industries. Examples include workers involved in food preparation who must keep long hair pulled back to avoid contaminating the food and the risk of long hair becoming caught in industrial equipment, potentially causing injury. However, one California state senator perceives a racial bias against people who wear "natural" hairstyles traditionally associated with African Americans and has introduced a bill to end this alleged form of discrimination. 

Gender discrimination in the workplace

Although many companies have developed ways of reducing gender bias and leveling the playing field when it comes to equal rights, gender discrimination still exists in many U.S. industries, including the federal government. While it is more prevalent in male-dominated industries, such as information technologies, engineering, construction and law enforcement, gender inequality is still an issue in work fields across the nation.

What is a reasonable accommodation?

If you are a disabled California worker, you know that the Americans with Disabilities Act forbids your employer or a potential employer from discriminating against you on the basis of your disability. It also requires any employer with 15 or more employees to provide you with reasonable accommodations. But what actually constitutes a reasonable accommodation?

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