What You Don’t Know About Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment should never have to be endured by anyone in their place of work. It comes in different forms and can happen to anyone. Though many people know it occurs, not everyone understands the ramifications that follow.

Types of Harassment

There are several types of harassment, some more prominent than others, and some that are never even acknowledged. The main types of harassment include:

  • Sexual harassment – the most common form of harassment found within the workplace today. This includes unwanted physical advances, requests or demands for sexual favors, discussing explicit topics at work, stalking, and sending unwanted images or texts.
  • Disability harassment – where those with physical or mental disabilities are mocked, taken advantage of, or even denied a job based on their disability.
  • Racial discrimination – includes anything from an “innocent joke” to mocking a person’s accent, derogatory language, and threats based on a coworker’s race or ethnicity.
  • Gender and Sexual Orientation – derogatory, offensive, demeaning remarks, and verbal/physical threats based on a person’s gender or sexual orientation.
  • Ageism – one form of harassment becoming more common, takes the form of job denial due to age, discounting abilities, and making derogatory comments.

Is It Hard To Prove Harassment?

You may be experiencing clear and blatant harassment from a coworker or even a superior, but proving your case may be harder than you think. In the end, it is your word against anyone, and sometimes, everyone else’s. In fact, the difficulty in proving harassment cases may be the reason why they have become so rampant.

There are three things you need to keep in mind when proving your case:

  • Establishing a timeline of events
  • Gathering the evidence of the harassment
  • Obtaining witnesses of the events

Even when all of these steps are taken into account, it is not always possible to prove harassment. Proving these cases require experienced legal assistance to guarantee that you see the justice you deserve.

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