The Real Impact of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is an all-too-common occurrence in the modern workplace. It can be both subtle and overt, and it can become a major source of trauma for those who have been victimized. Below our Sacramento employment law team outlines the effects of sexual harassment and how you can gain justice for yourself and your peers.

Understanding the Statistics

Numerical values are always placed on instances of any type of harassment. Although victims are far more than just another number, it is important to understand the problem to better implement the solution.

Approximately 72% of workplace sexual harassment victims do not report the incident(s). This can be for a number of reasons. Many victims feel their voices will not be heard even if they speak up. When one of their coworkers is the perpetrator of the harassment, they fear there will be no justice for the wrongdoing. Additionally, if their employer is the individual responsible, they may believe they will be retaliated against for filing a report.

Women, by far, make up the majority of sexual harassment victims. In fact, 80% of women have experienced a form of sexual harassment in their lifetime, and almost 75% were harassed by a senior member of the company or organization.

The #metoo movement has made tremendous strides in recent years, providing relief for many sexual harassment victims that have suffered in silence. Although almost every company has some form of a corporate sexual harassment policy, only half of them have implemented new policies or training as a result of the movement’s success.

Types of Sexual Harassment at Work

There are many ways in which sexual harassment is manifested at work. Here are some of its most common forms:

  • Overt forms of harassment:
    • Unwanted touching
    • Requests for sexual favors
    • Sexual assault and rape
    • Sexually charged threats
    • Stalking
  • Forms of sexual harassment that may be more subtle for some:
    • Discussing unnecessary explicit topics at work
    • Making crude remarks
    • Sexual comments about someone’s body or clothing
    • Repeated requests for a date
    • Sending unwarranted inappropriate texts/images
    • Blocking someone’s path

It would be nearly impossible to name every way in which sexual harassment can appear at one’s place of work, and many of these examples can be intertwined with other forms of harassment such as retaliation and discrimination.

What Many Don’t Know

There are aspects surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace that often go unsaid. One thing to note is you do not have to be directly involved in a sexual harassment incident in order to be affected. If one of your coworkers has become the victim of harassment, it may impact your ability to perform your job and your standing at your company.

Sexual harassment also does not have to involve any physical or verbal confrontation. It can be any display of sexual images on computers, calendars, or emails, which is enough to file a lawsuit.

One other aspect to note is that you do not have to file a lawsuit while you are still working at your job. The statute of limitations set for sexual harassment cases lasts for up to one year after the incident takes place. This means you have the ability to take time and decide what course of action you wish to take. Whether or not you still work for your employer at the time you file a claim becomes irrelevant as long as you take action within the 365-day time frame.

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