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What are common wage and hour violations?

Californian residents like you who are working in the state have several laws in place to protect you. Unfortunately, there will always be employers who try to bend or outright break these laws. The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton is dedicated to helping you protect yourself from such people, or regain compensation for harms you may have already faced.

California state senator advances bill to end hair discrimination

There are legitimate health and safety issues related to long hair in the workplace in certain industries. Examples include workers involved in food preparation who must keep long hair pulled back to avoid contaminating the food and the risk of long hair becoming caught in industrial equipment, potentially causing injury. However, one California state senator perceives a racial bias against people who wear "natural" hairstyles traditionally associated with African Americans and has introduced a bill to end this alleged form of discrimination. 

Are women the worst workplace bullies?

If you are a female working in California or anywhere else across the country, you likely have experienced workplace bullying. But have you ever analyzed the sources of that bullying? Specifically, have you ever broken down your own workplace bullying experiences by gender; i.e., by whether the perpetrator was a man or a woman?

Gender discrimination in the workplace

Although many companies have developed ways of reducing gender bias and leveling the playing field when it comes to equal rights, gender discrimination still exists in many U.S. industries, including the federal government. While it is more prevalent in male-dominated industries, such as information technologies, engineering, construction and law enforcement, gender inequality is still an issue in work fields across the nation.

Sexual harassment reports are higher in California

Sexual harassment is a widespread problem, but do you ever wonder if it is worse in California? According to a new study from UC San Diego School of Medicine and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, there are more reports of sexual harassment in the Golden State than the national average. Reports from women and men in California are 5% and 10% higher than nationwide numbers, respectively. 

California agencies fail to provide sexual harassment training

California law mandates that all employers with more than five employees provide sexual harassment training to their workers. In this day and age of sexual harassment claims and bullying in the workplace, this training gives employees information regarding their rights in the workplace, as well as how to handle situations that may involve harassment. Yet, more than one California government agency failed to adhere to this law and are now under scrutiny for this oversight.

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