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Wrongful termination claim reinstated by appeals court

California workers are protected from discrimination and wrongful termination under the California Labor Act. However, there are incidents where employees are still fired under questionable circumstances, which leads to some to file claims against companies for wrongful termination. If there is enough evidence in the case, the U.S. District Court will grant a review of the case. There are also situations where an appeals court can review the decision made by the district court. 

Women are not the only victims of harassment

When people think of sexual harassment in the workplace, they often think of a man harassing a woman with either unwanted advances, explicit remarks or threats. The truth is, men are victims of harassment as well in California and across the entire country. Yet, these incidents are not heard of as often. More and more men are reporting cases of being harassed at work by other men or female coworkers or management, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The number rose from 11.6 percent of sexual harassment claims coming from men in 1997, to over 16 percent in 2011. In all actuality, this number is thought to be much higher, as many men do not report these incidents because they are embarrassed.

Do you work with bullies?

As a California worker, you do not expect your workplace to be the perfect place that you look forward to going to each and every day. You do, however, expect your workplace to be a place where you can do the job(s) for which you are responsible without being harassed while you are doing them. As reasonable as that expectation is, you are one of the lucky ones if you do not have to deal with one or more workplace bullies on a daily basis.

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