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Types of sexual harassment

While most workers in California understand that sexual harassment is illegal, they may not realize that there is more than one way this type of abuse can occur. Some actions may be direct and obvious, but others can be more difficult to recognize. We at the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton can help you notice the signs of abuse and fight for your rights and protection.

Things you may not know about sexual harassment

Knowing whether or not you have been a victim of sexual harassment at your workplace in California can be difficult. The specifications about what qualifies as harassment, the legal action you may need to take and consequences that might follow can often be misunderstood. We at the Law office of Jeffrey D. Fulton are here to not only fight for your rights in court, but also to help you understand the facts about sexual harassment.

Can I be fired for reporting sexual harassment?

The issue of sexual harassment is far too prevalent in workplaces today. Co-workers or managers may make uncomfortable comments, display inappropriate images in their office or engage in unwanted touching or advances toward you. If you are in a situation like this, you may be afraid to report it for fear of losing your job. Can your employer fire you for reporting harassment?

What qualifies as sexual harassment?

Workers in California and the rest of the country need to be aware of what behavior qualifies as sexual harassment. In some situations, it can be hard to determine if what is happening is illegal. Knowing what is considered sexual harassment can give you the confidence you need to protect yourself and your rights.

Pervasive sexual harassment reported at several National Parks

Yellowstone and Yosemite are rightly California's pride -- two of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S. Unfortunately, the management of these and other parks has been problematic. According to a deputy inspector general for the Department of Interior, upper management has tolerated the problem for far too long.

Sexual harassment, wrongful termination suit filed

California residents who may believe that people today should be savvy enough to know what is and is not appropriate or allowed in the workforce may be right. However, just because people might know what behavior is appropriate or not, that does not prevent them from acting inappropriately. Sexual harassment, discrimination and other things remain all too active in all too many workplaces today.

UC system harassment allegations at medical facilities

Many a California resident has sought medical treatment at one of the five centers operated by the University of California system. These medical centers and hospitals should be among the finest with their research facilities and educational staff. What makes a hospital fine, however, should extend to the environment in which its employees work. Sadly, the UC medical centers appear to be having a problem with this.

A male's guide to sexual harassment at work

Although you're male, that doesn't mean that sexual harassment isn't a problem for you. Just like women, men face harassment in the workplace. Some men never say anything, because it could come off as emasculating, but you have every right to work in a comfortable, safe environment. Everyone needs to know what sexual harassment is and what to do if it happens.

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