Things You May Not Know About Sexual Harassment

Knowing whether or not you have been a victim of sexual harassment at your workplace in California can be difficult. The specifications about what qualifies as harassment, the legal action you may need to take and the consequences that might follow can often be misunderstood. We at the Fulton Law Corporation are here to not only fight for your rights in court but also to help you understand the facts about sexual harassment.

According to, actual sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome behavior that is sexual in nature. Some behaviors may begin as subtle harassment but can lead to other forms of harassment if they are allowed to continue. Quid pro quo harassment is what happens when your job or promotions become dependent on whether you agree to requests for dates or sexual favors. Some employers and coworkers may also exhibit sexist behaviors, such as making claims that men are superior to women. Decisions based on your gender can also be considered sex discrimination.

Unwelcome actions can come in physical, verbal, or non-verbal forms. Some actions can be difficult to recognize since they are more subtle, particularly the non-verbal behaviors. These can include winking, making gestures, staring, or looking someone up and down. Sending personal gifts or blocking someone’s path can also be considered non-verbal forms of harassment.

The actions that are part of these attitudes and types of harassment may contribute to an overall hostile work environment. For more information on this topic, please visit our web page.

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