Founder and CEO Sues Company After Being Fired

People who work in California and hear about others being fired from their jobs may sometimes think that this is a problem that employees in leadership positions within a company may not have to grapple with. In reality, anyone in any position may find themselves out of a job for reasons they do not always agree with. An example of this can be seen in a lawsuit that was recently filed in the Bay Area.

As reported by Tech Crunch, the lawsuit was filed by the man who not only was the Chief Executive Officer for the company he was employed by but he was also the founder of the company. The company is a technology developer of a mobile advertising app and was started eight years ago in 2011. He led the company until he was fired by the Board of Directors in October of 2017.

The man’s removal from his position as CEO came swiftly on the heels of a criminal arrest. The board did not apparently discuss matters with him nor did they wait to learn what might come from the charges against the then-CEO. Instead, the board chose to simply fire the man based solely on the fact that he had been arrested and charged with criminal activity. It was reported that one person on the board disagreed with the approach and actually left their position on the board because of the board’s actions.

The man was subsequently cleared when the prosecution team dropped all charges against him. He is now seeking restitution for his wrongful termination.

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