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Nearly 1 in 5 victims of workplace sexual harassment are male

When you hear stories about sexual harassment or see it on TV, the victims are frequently female, but in truth, men across California and the United States are not immune from this type of treatment. In fact, nowadays, almost one in five victims of workplace sexual harassment are male, disputing the common misconception that this type of behavior happens almost exclusively to female employees.

What is quid pro quo harassment?

As an employee, you perform job duties in exchange for your paycheck and other company benefits. Trading labor for pay is a standard example of an employment situation. Unfortunately, some employers require their employees to perform sexual favors for an employment decision.

3 red flags you are a victim of sexual harassment at work

When you go to work, all you want to do is complete your project and get on with your life. Unfortunately, you may have to deal with a creepy colleague or a boss who makes your skin crawl. But you may just try to ignore it because no one is touching you inappropriately or requesting sexual favors from you. 

Sexual jokes: Are they harassment?

This year, the Person of the Year in Time magazine was the Silence Breakers: a group of women who led the charge in exposing men who committed sexual harassment and assault. The power of the "Me Too" hashtag revealed that many women have experienced this type of abuse in their daily lives and in the workplace. More women are finally saying, "Enough is enough." 

What you should know about sexual harassment in the food industry

Working in the food industry can be tough. Restaurants often include a fast-paced environment, and you must not only learn to multi-task several tables at once but also deal with people who are difficult to work with. For you and many other California restaurant employees, sexual harassment may be one more unpleasant thing you face each day on the job.

Protection against employment retaliation in California

People often wonder why an employee might put up with years of on-the-job harassment or unfair treatment. One common reason for this is the fear that filing a claim or even just speaking to a supervisor about the issue could negatively affect the employee's position with the company.

Are you aware of these less familiar types of sexual harassment?

When you think of sexual harassment, you probably imagine someone touching you inappropriately or threatening to terminate you unless you provide sexual favors. Although these are the most extreme types of sexual harassment, they are not the only unacceptable behaviors you may experience. 

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