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Can Remote Workers Face Sexual Harassment?

Working remotely can offer many advantages and opportunities to employees, including more flexibility and freedom. But as with any situation, especially when you don’t physically interact with colleagues daily, there are risks of harassment that must be addressed, and these should not be taken lightly.

One form of harassment that may seem unlikely to happen in a remote workspace is sexual harassment. However, this can happen to anyone regardless of where they work — from regular offices or cubicles to remote workers who might feel alone while working in the comfort of their homes.

Our Sacramento employment attorney at the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton discusses what remote workers need to know about how sexual harassment works when working from your couch instead of an office chair.

What Is Sexual Harassment for Remote Workers

Sexual harassment of remote workers can take many different forms. It can include:

  • Unwelcome comments about a person’s physical appearance or sex;
  • Nonverbal behaviors such as sharing sexually inappropriate images or GIFs; and,
  • Making unwanted advances via text messages or emails.

Additional examples of unacceptable behavior include pressuring another person to engage in unprofessional activities or creating an uncomfortable work atmosphere by making jokes that contain offensive sexual content. Victims of this kind of sexual harassment can feel powerless to change the situation, especially if they fear reporting it may hurt their career prospects.

Your Options if You Are a Remote Worker and Sexually Harassed

As a remote worker, it is vital to be aware of your options if you experience sexual harassment. Thankfully there are routes available to take action against these types of situations. Victims of sexual harassment have the right to contact authorities, join a lawsuit, and suggest preventative measures to their workplace environment. It is also essential to document any instances that demonstrate a pattern of behavior or, even more explicitly, equip any legal claims.

Ultimately, it is essential that all workers feel safe and comfortable within their work environment, both online and off.

The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton Is Here for You

No one should ever have to endure sexual harassment; remote workers are no exception. Whether you’re confronted with inappropriate comments in an email or asked to provide any uncomfortable services, it’s important to remember that this isn’t acceptable behavior and should be reported immediately.

If you feel you have been a victim of online sexual harassment, don’t hesitate to contact the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton. Our Sacramento employment lawyer is here for you during this distressing experience. Reach out online or by phone for help with your case. (916) 318-3388