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Different Forms of Workplace Discrimination

Californian workers have certain protections under the law that disallows them from being discriminated against. However, discrimination can come in many different forms and may be difficult to identify. The…

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Does Sexual Harassment Have to Be Physical?

In California, there are laws in place that protect workers from being sexually harassed while on the job. We at the Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Fulton are here to…

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What Makes a Termination Wrongful?

Californian workers depend on your paycheck to meet your daily living expenses, pay your bills, and cover necessities. Accordingly, if you feel you have been wrongfully terminated, you should be…

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California Recently Outlawed Hairstyle Discrimination

Numerous forms of harassment permeated workplaces around California. From sexual harassment to discrimination based on disabilities, many variations have protections. However, there are just as many factors that do not…

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