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Sexual harassment in the LGBTQ community

Many California residents believe sexual harassment is only perpetrated by men against women. As we have explained in other posts in this blog, women can also be the instigators of sexual harassment in the workplace. At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we are aware that sexual harassment is also prevalent among LGBTQ people. As you may expect, it can be complicated to recognize and report sexual harassment, regardless of the instigator and the victim.

What are some ways that you can encourage tolerance at work?

Developing a work environment where you and your coworkers can feel welcome, protected and valued is something that your employer should be actively striving for each day. One way that they can do this is by transforming their organizational culture to promote feelings of inclusion, respect and tolerance. Your involvement in this type of company culture can provide you with an incentive to do your best work, as well as a sense of pride that you are part of such a fantastic company in California. 

What is workers’ compensation retaliation?

Anyone can get injured on the job, whether they work in a high-risk industry like construction or in an office. You and other California employees have the right to seek workers’ compensation after a work-related injury or illness, but your employer might not be very happy about it. In fact, some employers discourage their staff from rightfully making a workers’ comp claim or discipline them when they do. Workers’ compensation retaliation is unlawful.

Health and financial effects of sexual harassment

Workplace sexual harassment is nothing new, but it is an issue that is seeing more awareness and recognition in our society. Thanks to the brave women partaking in the #MeToo movement, there is a spotlight on this pervasive and dangerous problem. One important thing that people are learning about is the various effects of sexual harassment.

Limits to reasonable accommodation requirements

At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we know that, as a worker with a disability in California, it can sometimes be difficult for you to gain the support you need from your employer to do your job. Nevertheless, the law is on your side. The Americans with Disabilities Act has been in effect for nearly 30 years now and requires that your employer make reasonable accommodations to allow you to perform your work duties on an equal footing with your nondisabled coworkers. 

The guidelines for filing a complaint

When California workers suspect their employer has violated their rights concerning wages and hours, they may think there is not much they can do. However, people can usually file a complaint to remedy the situation. Before doing this, it is important to understand the guidelines. 

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