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What employment rights do you have as an independent contractor?

As an independent contractor living in California or working for a California client, you already know that the American workforce has undergone a substantial change in the past decade. More and more businesses hire independent contractors in lieu of or in addition to their own employees. But what does this distinction between employee and independent contractor mean for you?

Understanding age discrimination

At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton in California, we know that your work is a vital part of your life. Nevertheless, your workplace itself may some place you wish you did not have to go. Such is true if you face any type of discrimination while there, including that of age discrimination.

Reviewing The Seven Tests

Given that California follows the "at-will employment" philosophy, most in Sacramento might assume that only dismissals that discriminate or violate one rights are disputable. Yet what is lost in this assumption is the fact that many employees in the state do indeed have employment contracts that protect them from being fired under the at-will model. 

Men are sexually harassed too

In recent posts, this blog has discussed numerous ways employees are subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, especially women in fields where this is common, such as the restaurant industry. However, many California residents may not realize that men can be victims of sexual harassment, as well. In fact, harassment is not limited to gender on either side.

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