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Why should you know about employment law?

When you took your current position, it probably never crossed your mind to wonder whether your new employer would treat you fairly. Employers do, right? Everyone seems to assume so, anyway, and unless you have had a bad experience with a California company, you probably assume your new boss will respect your rights and do good by you.

Exceptions to California’s at-will employment presumption

As someone who lives and works in California, you may have some understanding of California’s at-will employment doctrine, and you may recognize that it means your employer can fire you at essentially any time, and for almost any reason. There are some exceptions to the concept of at-will employment, however, and there are a number of circumstances under which your employer may not lawfully terminate you. At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we have a comprehensive understanding of exceptions to California’s at-will employment doctrine, and we have helped many clients who experienced wrongful termination pursue appropriate recourse.

Can your appearance get your fired?

It is reasonable to think that if you show up for work on time and do your job well that you do not have to worry about being fired. Most people in California would feel this way. However, this is not always the case. While there are many laws protecting you from discrimination based on specific things, such as age, disability, race and gender, there are still many unprotected areas.

What is whistleblower retaliation?

If you are a California worker who believes that your company is engaging in illegal or prohibited activities and/or practices, you can complain to your supervisor or to the proper governmental agency without fear of retaliation by your employer. This is because you have become a whistleblower, which is not a pejorative term. Rather, it means that you are someone with a conscience who cares enough about laws, rules and regulations that you cannot stand by silently while your company flouts them. You must blow the whistle.

Nearly 1 in 5 victims of workplace sexual harassment are male

When you hear stories about sexual harassment or see it on TV, the victims are frequently female, but in truth, men across California and the United States are not immune from this type of treatment. In fact, nowadays, almost one in five victims of workplace sexual harassment are male, disputing the common misconception that this type of behavior happens almost exclusively to female employees.

Are you a victim of workplace disability discrimination?

If you have a disability and have ever experienced what you consider unfair treatment at your California job, you may have avoided speaking up, possibly because you were unsure whether your treatment constituted discrimination or because you feared losing your job. Disability discrimination is an umbrella term for a broad number of related behaviors, all of which involve your employer or someone else at your place of business treating you differently because of your disability.

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