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Signs of Retaliation in the Workplace

If you alerted authorities about possible wrongdoing in your California place of business, you may have concerns about whether your employer or coworkers will try to make your work environment…

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Can My Boss Really Fire Me at Any Time Without Notice?

Since college graduation, you have been biding your time swirling lattes at the local coffee shop. Every night after work, while your friends head to the movies or the local…

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What Is Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

As an employee, you perform job duties in exchange for your paycheck and other company benefits. Trading labor for pay is a standard example of an employment situation. Unfortunately, some…

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What Is a Hostile Work Environment?

If you are a typical California resident, you head to work five days a week. Everyone knows that no workplace is ideal in all respects, and whether you love or…

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Why Petty Slights Do Not Constitute Workplace Discrimination

Some people in the California workplace may end up on the receiving end of behavior they feel is impolite, rude, or annoying. For example, a colleague might interrupt you while…

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