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What is genetic information?

Federal law prohibits multiple forms of discrimination, including age, race, and sexual orientation, yet many California residents may not know that employers are also prohibited from using genetic information to discriminate against workers, or even understand what genetic information is. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, genetic information includes different aspects of a person’s genetic background.

How much time can teenagers work on a film set?

With child actors in high demand on California movie and TV sets, there are bound to be questions of just how long teenagers can work as a film performer. California labor laws spell out detailed protections for minors employed in the film industry, including strict work time requirements for teenagers. State law not only sets how long teens may work on an entertainment project, but how their time on a set is to be spent.

Sexual jokes: Are they harassment?

This year, the Person of the Year in Time magazine was the Silence Breakers: a group of women who led the charge in exposing men who committed sexual harassment and assault. The power of the "Me Too" hashtag revealed that many women have experienced this type of abuse in their daily lives and in the workplace. More women are finally saying, "Enough is enough." 

What is the #MeToo movement?

The California news has been filled with stories about well-known people being accused of sexual harassment and assault. While it was one high-profile case that started it all, there was another movement that brought every person into the fight against such actions. You may have seen the hashtag MeToo on social media. The #MeToo movement, according to The Atlantic, was started by actress Alyssa Milano to help bring awareness to the number of women who have experienced sexual assault or harassment.

What are the child labor laws in entertainment?

In California, there is a need for strict child wage and hour laws due to the many child actors. This is a unique situation that does not occur in every state. Television and movies use child actors quite a bit and this requires special laws pertaining to this industry to ensure the actors are treated fairly and not harmed by working. If your child is an actor, then it helps to be clear on these laws.

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