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Do you have a possible wrongful termination case?

When hard-working employees in Sacramento like you are fired for unjust reasons, the first instinctive response may be to take your employer to court for wrongful termination. The law office of Jeffrey D. Fulton is here to give you the information you need to tell whether or not you have a wrongful termination case on your hands.

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

Understanding your rights as an employee is an important part of ensuring that you are treated with the respect and fairness to which you are entitled. The Fair Labor Standards Act was created to give all employees equal rights and opportunities, yet many workers in California still do not understand what the law covers. Here is everything you need to know about the FLSA and how it affects your position.

What to do if you were you fired for whistleblowing

Employees are fired for different reasons every day in California, but if you were terminated after you blew the whistle, your boss may have been violating the law. It is your responsibility as a law-abiding citizen to report illegal behavior, yet some employers will have you fired if you report unlawful acts in the workplace. We at The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton work to protect your rights in cases where you have been wrongfully terminated.

Wage discrimination in the modern workplace

Workers in California may believe that everyone in their bracket of work is being paid the same. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Wage discrimination is still alive and well in the modern workplace, and many vulnerable groups suffer from its ill effects.

Can I be fired for reporting sexual harassment?

The issue of sexual harassment is far too prevalent in workplaces today. Co-workers or managers may make uncomfortable comments, display inappropriate images in their office or engage in unwanted touching or advances toward you. If you are in a situation like this, you may be afraid to report it for fear of losing your job. Can your employer fire you for reporting harassment?

What happens if you've been denied overtime payment?

As a worker in California, you have certain overtime rights. This is true even if you're a salaried employee, which many people may not know. There are laws that dictate how overtime works in any particular state or job, and knowing how they apply to your situation can help you from losing out on overtime payment.

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