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Were You Reprimanded or Fired for Speaking Up?

Employers should reward employees who speak up about illegal and unethical activities. Unfortunately, many whistleblowers are given the opposite treatment when they speak up. Some are fired, others face formal reprimands, and others may be more covertly punished. In any situation, employers who retaliate against whistleblowers break the law and can be held accountable for their actions.

At Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we advocate on behalf of those who were punished for trying to do the right thing. Such treatment is illegal and no employee who experiences it should allow themselves to be taken advantage of. If you need to fight back, our whistleblower retaliation lawyer in Sacramento can help you seek fair and just compensation in a lawsuit against your current or former employer.

Rest assured that reporting illegal or unethical behavior at work is protected by law. So too is participating in an investigation into such behavior. If you have been reprimanded in any way for speaking up, reach out to the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton for help.

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Who Can Be a Whistleblower?

It’s as simple as it seems: A whistleblower can be any employee who witnesses, gains knowledge of, and/or reports illegal or unethical activity.

Such activity can include the following:

  • Discriminatory hiring practices
  • Withholding pay and other wage and hour violations
  • Violating certain ethical principles of one’s industry or profession
  • Sexual harassment of one’s self or any other employee(s)
  • Threatening to cause harm to another person
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Fraud or attempts to commit fraud against individuals, other businesses, or the government
  • Violations of OSHA regulations and other health and safety matters
  • Disregard for any environmental laws and regulations

Because the gamut of what may be considered illegal or unethical activity is vast, we encourage those who think they have experienced retaliation for speaking up to schedule a free case evaluation with our attorney. During this meeting, our Sacramento whistleblower retaliation lawyer can discuss your situation in detail and offer options for how you may be able to move forward with a lawsuit.

Did You Experience Retaliation?

Retaliation against a whistleblower is always illegal, but it’s not always so clear. While your employer may be so bold as to take overt actions to silence you, you may have experienced retaliation in ways that you may not have been able to connect to your report.

Retaliation against whistleblowers can include any of the following types of punishments:

  • Termination
  • Selected for a layoff
  • Demotion or stripped job duties
  • Reduced hours
  • Denial of benefits
  • Negative performance reviews, especially if they are out of the ordinary
  • Micromanagement
  • Conflicting or confusing instructions that set you up to fail at certain tasks
  • Harassment, whether physical or verbal

If your life at work has soured after filing a report, talk to a whistleblower retaliation attorney in Sacramento about your situation. You may be a victim of retaliation even if it doesn’t seem so clear – employers know such activity is illegal and may try to conceal the intent of their mistreatment.

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Don’t let your employer get away with whistleblower retaliation – you were brave to speak up the first time, and now your employer has a lot to fear if they fired you for it. Learn more about what the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton can do for you by getting in touch with us today.

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Our Victories
  • Sexual Harassment Case Successful Verdict

    Favorable sexual harassment verdict for a low wage fast-food worker.

  • Wage Case Successful Verdict

    Favorable verdict on behalf of an employee for failure to pay wages owed.

  • Sexual Harassment Case Successful Settlement

    Significant confidential settlement for a victim of sexual harassment in a healthcare setting.

  • Reimbursement Case $800,000 Settlement

    $800,000 settlement on behalf of class members in failure to reimburse expenses case.

  • Whistleblower Case $1.5 Million Verdict

    $1.5 million verdict on behalf of whistleblower clients against public entity.

  • Wage & Reimbursement Case $2.5 Million Settlement

    $2.5 million settlement on behalf of class members in failure to pay wages and reimburse expenses case.

  • Reimbursement Case $2.5 Million Settlement

    $2.5 million settlement on behalf of class members in failure to reimburse expenses case.

  • Discrimination Case $1.7 Million Verdict

    Assisted in obtaining a verdict for $1.7 million in an employment discrimination case

  • Reimbursement Case $600,000 Settlement

    $600,000 settlement on behalf of class members in failure to reimburse expenses case.

  • Case Against Public Employer $500,000 Settlement

    $500,000 settlement and dismissal of adverse action in a case against a public employer.


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