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Five Things Most People Don’t Know About Sexual Harassment Cases

Under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act and federal law, employees have the right to be free from sexual harassment in the workplace. However, many employees have misconceptions about what this actually means.

At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we stand up for the rights of employees in Sacramento and throughout the area, helping put a stop to discrimination and harassment at work. We are also here to answer your questions and help dispel myths surrounding your legal rights.

Here are five things most people don’t realize about sexual harassment:

  1. It doesn’t have to involve you. If a co-worker is being sexually harassed and he or she doesn’t complain, yet having to watch it happen is impacting your ability to do your job, you can still make a complaint. Just because you aren’t the actual recipient doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect you.
  2. It doesn’t have to be physical or verbal. Sexual harassment can include much more than offense physical touch or suggestive talk. It can also include offensive visuals such as cartoons, computer screen savers, posters, calendars, graffiti and more.
  3. Retaliation is illegal, even if the harassment can’t be proven. Even if you are unsuccessful in convincing the court that you were sexually harassed, you still have the right to try. It is illegal for your employer to fire you or otherwise retaliate against you for making an official complaint.
  4. Even if you willingly quit your job, your employer may be held responsible. If you resigned because you couldn’t take the harassment anymore, you may have what is called a “constructive discharge” case. In other words, your employer may be just as responsible as if he or she had actually fired you — and you have legal options for righting this wrong.
  5. You can seek financial compensation. The Fair Employment and Housing Commission has the authority to order the harasser or employer to pay up to $150,000 in fines and/or damages for emotional distress alone. Plus, you can seek compensation for back pay and other losses.

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