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How the Fair Pay Act protects you

Here at the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton in California, we represent numerous workers whose employers have committed wage and/or hour violations against them, depriving them of money they rightfully earned. Some of the protections we like to advise our clients of are those provided by the California Fair Pay Act.

What you should know about California work breaks

Are you getting routine rest and meal breaks at work? Although federal law does not require employers to give work breaks, employers in California are required to give work breaks and rest periods to certain employees in accordance with the Industrial Welfare Commission Orders. Under this order, employers must offer a paid 10-minute rest period for every four hours worked. This does not, however, pertain to employees who only work three and a half hours. As a worker in the state of California, you are entitled to certain benefits, even if you are not a full-time employee.

Drawing the line

You try to be a good person and extend some patience to your employer when he or she is late on paychecks — or even gets something wrong in the payroll accounting. It is a fact of doing business in California that people make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are honest. Other times, that may not be the case.

LA companies investigated for wage violations

A number of business owners in California and across the United States are required to provide employees with certain benefits, including fair wages and workers’ compensation coverage. Workers who are injured on-the-job have the right to receive free medical treatment for their injuries. There are companies, however, who may attempt to bypass these laws in an attempt to hold on to more money.

Minor labor laws in California

Although there are situations where minors under the age of 18-years-old are needed to work, there are child labor laws designed to protect them against certain work violations. These Child Labor Laws address issues, including school attendance requirements, wages, work permits, hours of work and minimum ages allowed for certain types of employment.

A look at the Fair Labor Standards Act

When most California employees go to their jobs, they are not wondering whether the company will pay them or treat them fairly. Pay for completed work and fair treatment of employees are routine aspects of life in the U.S. labor force. It was not always so, though, and a look back to the establishment of the Fair Labor Standards Act will provide some perspective. 

Wage violations cause car wash owner millions

Workers in California and across the nation are protected by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which defines employee hourly wages, breaks and other benefits. Employers who do not follow these regulations may be charged with violations and face serious fines as a result.

How do tips factor into an hourly wage?

If you work in a job field where tips are a part of your income, it is important to understand how these tips can affect your wages. According to California Labor Law, employees who receive tips as part of their job can be paid a lower wage when compared to the minimum wage required to be paid by other employers. The amount of cash wages you are paid as a tipped employee, however, can vary depending on how many people are employed with the company. For example, companies that have less than 25 employees must pay a cash minimum wage of $10.50, while companies that have more than 26 employees must pay a minimum wage of $11.00.

What rights do I have to a paid family leave?

If you are a new California mother or about to become one, you will be glad to know that you are entitled to a paid family leave under California law. As the California Employment Development Department explains, if you are an expectant mom, you can get as many as four weeks of Disability Insurance benefits before your child is born if your pregnancy is a normal one. In addition, you can get up to six weeks of Paid Family Leave benefits after your baby is born if you delivered him or her vaginally or up to eight weeks if you delivered him or her via Caesarean section.

California addresses wage theft

When business is booming and California employees are putting in more than 40 hours a week, they expect to get overtime pay, but what happens if they do not? And besides not getting the pay they deserve, what happens if workers cannot take regular breaks or have time off for vacation? 

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