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Why should you know about employment law?

When you took your current position, it probably never crossed your mind to wonder whether your new employer would treat you fairly. Employers do, right? Everyone seems to assume so, anyway, and unless you have had a bad experience with a California company, you probably assume your new boss will respect your rights and do good by you.

Exceptions to California’s at-will employment presumption

As someone who lives and works in California, you may have some understanding of California’s at-will employment doctrine, and you may recognize that it means your employer can fire you at essentially any time, and for almost any reason. There are some exceptions to the concept of at-will employment, however, and there are a number of circumstances under which your employer may not lawfully terminate you. At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we have a comprehensive understanding of exceptions to California’s at-will employment doctrine, and we have helped many clients who experienced wrongful termination pursue appropriate recourse.

Can your appearance get your fired?

It is reasonable to think that if you show up for work on time and do your job well that you do not have to worry about being fired. Most people in California would feel this way. However, this is not always the case. While there are many laws protecting you from discrimination based on specific things, such as age, disability, race and gender, there are still many unprotected areas.

Signs of retaliation in the workplace

If you alerted authorities about possible wrongdoing in your California place of business, you may have concerns about whether your employer or coworkers will try to make your work environment unpleasant or otherwise retaliate against you for taking action. At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we have a firm understanding of the types of behaviors that constitute workplace retaliation, and we have helped many victims of this type of behavior see appropriate recourse.

Can my boss really fire me at any time without notice?

Since college graduation, you have been biding your time swirling lattes at the local coffee shop. Every night after work, while your friends head to the movies or the local pub, you sit down at your computer, peck away at those pesky fill-in-the-blank online applications and hope your dream job will soon rescue you from this rut. Then it happens. The technology firm in California calls, and next thing you know, you are sitting in your new apartment putting on your game face for your first day on the job. 

What are some examples of wrongful termination?

Wrongful termination is one of those topics that can be quite confusing. It is made a little more confusing due to the concept of at-will employment, which is where your employment can be terminated by you or your employer at any point for any reason. Most jobs in California are at-will. To help you understand just what constitutes wrongful termination, here are some examples.

Circumstances that may warrant a wrongful termination claim

If your employer terminates you from your California job, you may feel hurt, confused or downright angry. Because California observes the employment-at-will doctrine, however, your employer can fire you at almost any time, and for almost any reason. There are, however, some key exceptions, and at the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we have a comprehensive understanding of exactly what these exceptions are. Furthermore, we have helped many former employees seek recourse after they were let go from their jobs for reasons that infringed upon their rights.

What are some exceptions to the at-will employment doctrine?

California is an at-will employment state, which essentially means that your employer has the right to terminate you at any time, and for almost any reason. Similarly, as an at-will employee, you have the right to leave or quit your job at virtually any time, and for any reason. There are some important exceptions to the at-will employment doctrine, however, and if your employer violates your rights in this regard, you may be able to seek recourse.

Are there laws against wrongful termination?

You may think that wrongful termination only covers situations such as whistleblowing. However, this term covers many situations you might encounter, and it is helpful to understand what circumstances are considered wrongful termination according to California law.

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