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The guidelines for filing a complaint

| Aug 1, 2019 | Wage And Hour Violations |

When California workers suspect their employer has violated their rights concerning wages and hours, they may think there is not much they can do. However, people can usually file a complaint to remedy the situation. Before doing this, it is important to understand the guidelines. 

When workers file a complaint, they usually have to submit documentation. MoneyCrashers.com says this includes the worker’s contact information, as well as his or her job duties and salary. People may also want to provide their time cards and pay stubs, as well as any personal records they keep about their job. Additionally, people generally have to submit information about their employer.

Before people file a complaint, they generally have to know what kind of violation their employer committed. There are several types of wage and hour violations, such as missing overtime or receiving a weekly wage lower than the minimum wage. It is important to remember that a violation may not fit neatly into one category. Once the Department of Labor receives all of this information, its staff can begin an investigation.

If people want to file a complaint about a wage or hour violation, they should usually do this sooner rather than later. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there is a statute of limitations for these violations. People typically have to file a complaint within two years. Some people may be reluctant to file a complaint because they do not want their employer to fire them. It is important to remember that the Department of Labor keeps these complaints confidential. People usually do not have to disclose their identity unless they decide to take legal action against their employer. Additionally, people may worry about the expense of filing a complaint. However, people usually do not have to pay anything.