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What are common wage and hour violations?

| Jun 28, 2019 | Wage And Hour Violations |

Californian residents like you who are working in the state have several laws in place to protect you. Unfortunately, there will always be employers who try to bend or outright break these laws. The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton is dedicated to helping you protect yourself from such people, or regain compensation for harms you may have already faced.

Certain violations of wage and hour laws are more common than others. There are some categories that show up over and over again. This can include:

  • Failure to reimburse expenses
  • Failure to provide breaks for rest or meals
  • Delayed payment, nonpayment, or underpayment of overtime and minimum wage

There are plenty of ways for employers to try finding loopholes that allow them to skirt around giving you the money you deserve. In some cases, they may just outright try to break the law.

In other cases, salaries can be used insidiously in order to classify you as “exempt”. Some employers believe that by having salaried employees, they will be able to avoid providing things like overtime, minimum wage, and even breaks. However, all employees in the state have certain rights that protect you from being overworked and underpaid.

Have you been faced with wage and hour violations of any sort? If so, you may wish to take a look at our webpage on handling exactly that subject, linked here. Contact us as well to get more information. Having an attorney on your side can help the case go much more smoothly.