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California agencies fail to provide sexual harassment training

| Jun 4, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

California law mandates that all employers with more than five employees provide sexual harassment training to their workers. In this day and age of sexual harassment claims and bullying in the workplace, this training gives employees information regarding their rights in the workplace, as well as how to handle situations that may involve harassment. Yet, more than one California government agency failed to adhere to this law and are now under scrutiny for this oversight.

According to the State Personnel Board, agencies, such as the Department of Corrections, did not provide training to hundreds of supervisors. In fact, approximately 1,800 supervisors in government positions across dozens of agencies did not get the sexual harassment training that is legally required in the state. At least 60% of agencies did not provide training, which is an increase from the 32% of agencies that did not adhere to the law in 2017. When employees do not receive this training, it can lead to a hostile work environment where workers may not know what is considered harassment and how to report it occurs. Supervisors who do not receive the training may overlook critical complaints, which could lead a more dangerous situation.

When employers do not take the property precautions, it can lead to a potentially dangerous working environment. If you have been involved in a similar situation, and have experienced workplace sexual harassment or discrimination, you may want to contact an attorney regarding your case.

Source: KPBS, “Dozens of California Government Agencies Failed To Provide Sexual Harassment Training To Nearly 1,800 Supervisors,” Scott Rodd, May 29, 2019.