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Discrimination in the wake of a workplace accident

| Mar 1, 2019 | Uncategorized |

People are injured on the job in numerous ways, from electrical accidents on construction sites to mishaps that take place in office spaces. These accidents can create various short-term and long-term challenges, and aside from physical and emotional pain, financial problems due to hospital costs and lost wages and disabilities, they can also impact a worker in other ways. For example, someone who is injured in a work-related accident may be subjected to discrimination following the accident. They may be discriminated against as a result of their disability, or they may even experience some other type of discrimination (such as racial discrimination or gender discrimination) that surfaces following their accident.

Our law firm firmly stands against workplace discrimination and we believe that injured workers deserve access to any benefits they are entitled to. If you are struggling with a workplace injury, being discriminated against can make your daily life even more challenging. Whether you have found yourself out of work altogether or your work environment has become unbearably hostile as a result of discrimination, you should explore all legal avenues that are open to you.

Fortunately, there may be a number of legal strategies to recover from a workplace injury that has shattered someone’s life. Worker’s compensation benefits can help with some of the challenges injured workers face, such as job training, help with medical costs and assistance with lost wages. Those who have been discriminated against may also explore filing a complaint or even initiating a lawsuit to receive the support they need.