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Industries where sexual harassment is most likely to occur

| Sep 12, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Sexual harassment continues to be a major workplace issue in the United States. Recent research suggests women and men alike are more likely to experience this type of harassment in some industries more often than others. 

When people are ready, they need to consider filing a sexual harassment claim. A person’s background or job is irrelevant. Everyone deserves to feel safe at work. 

Industries with highest rates of sexual harassment

Between 2005 and 2015, employees filed 41,250 sexual harassment charges. Out of that total number, approximately 14.23 percent of them took place in the food service industry. Despite the fact positions in the food service industry only make up around 7 percent of total jobs in the workforce, it sees a disproportionately high rate of sexual harassment. Other fields that made it at the top of the list include retail, manufacturing and health care. 

There are some trends to notice within these industries. Although men make up a sizable portion of individuals who have experienced sexual harassment, women are by and large more likely to face harassment. The food service and retail industries predominantly consist of women. It is also worthwhile to point out manufacturing is near the top of the list. This was traditionally a male-dominated career, but more women than ever before have begun to enter it. As a result, it is possible other employees view women as outsiders and therefore better targets for harassment. 

The increase of sexual harassment within the food service industry specifically

Many restaurants around the country are likely prime locations for sexual harassment to take place. A typical server is usually female, and a major component that can play in the disparity is a server’s reliance on tips. A server may feel as though she needs to put up with harassment from customers to make a decent wage. However, regardless of where the harassment comes from, whether it is from an employer or customer, people do not have to stand for it.