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Volleyball coach demands millions for firing

| Aug 20, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Workers in California and across the United States are entitled to certain working conditions, including a safe work environment free from harassment and discrimination. When people feel as though they have been the recipient of discrimination and harassment, they may file a claim against the company.

This is what happened when former USC women’s volleyball coach was fired last year. He alleges that he is the victim of harassment and age discrimination and filed a report with the American Arbitration Association. In addition to seeking $2 million in economic damages, he is asking for compensation for attorneys’ fees, emotional damages and punitive damages.

The coach claims that he was called a myriad of nicknames referring to his age over the past two decades. He feels as though the team executives attempted to force him out of his position by interfering with his coaching, giving unwarranted criticism, limiting his team roaster and failing to give adequate support. Ultimately, sources say that he believes USC was trying to get rid of him by forcing him to retire.

The USC coach led the team to win consecutive NCAA championships in 2002 and 2003 and led the program for 17 years. He was fired last year, despite having months left in his contract. The case went to arbitration and is under review.

Issues involving discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination can be concerning. You may want to seek the council of an attorney who is familiar with these types of cases and can help you explore your legal options.

Source: The Orange County Register, “Former USC women’s volleyball coach files arbitration claim, citing age discrimination and harassment,” Joey Kaufman, Jul.25,2018.