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Methods of reporting sexual harassment

| Jun 1, 2018 | Uncategorized |

When people realize they are being sexually harassed in their California workplace, it is important for them to take action. While some people may want to report the harassment, many might wonder how they can do this while remaining professional.

Before people approach their manager to report sexual harassment, it is a good idea to keep notes. According to Life Hacker, people should usually write down the name of the person who harassed them and what this person said or did. If someone receives emails or text messages that continue this harassment, it is important to keep them. Additionally, people should make sure they include dates in their record so they can show how long the harassment has gone on and how it progressed. It is a good idea for people to keep these notes on their home computers instead of devices they use for work. 

It is a good idea to watch the person committing the harassment to see if he or she uses similar behavior or language with other people. Sometimes someone may be able to approach his or her manager with this group of people. This can be a good idea if someone is worried that reporting the harassment will result in the loss of his or her reputation. Additionally, a manager may sometimes take the harassment more seriously if several employees speak up.

It is also important to understand a company’s protocols regarding sexual harassment. FindLaw says that people should usually follow these procedures. This means that someone may need to speak to a specific person who handles sexual harassment reports. Sometimes a company may not have these protocols in place. In this situation, people should typically speak to their immediate supervisor.