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Why should you know about employment law?

| Apr 30, 2018 | Uncategorized |

When you took your current position, it probably never crossed your mind to wonder whether your new employer would treat you fairly. Employers do, right? Everyone seems to assume so, anyway, and unless you have had a bad experience with a California company, you probably assume your new boss will respect your rights and do good by you.

One thing to remember, though, is that businesses do what they do to get ahead. Their owners are trying to make a profit, and you are part of the equation. They want you to help them get to the milestones they hope to reach. 

While most companies likely will behave responsibly toward you and your coworkers, the Society for Human Resource Management reminds them why they should. After all, taking good care of employees is the law.

The SHRM highlights some of the basics of employment law, the rules that govern your employer’s relationship with you and other employees. That they are responsible to obey city ordinances, state regulations and federal law means executives not only have obligations directly to their workforce but also to the city, state and country in which they operate. 

In addition, SHRM notes that California requires companies to pay you overtime if you invest more than 40 hours in one week on the job or if you “work more than eight hours in a workday or… a seventh consecutive day in a workweek.” 

Other notable requirements include your right to several types of breaks:

  • For meals
  • For breastfeeding an infant
  • For 10 minutes of rest in four hours of work 

Minimum wage laws and anti-discrimination legislation also intend to protect you and other workers in California, a state SHRM calls “one of the most employee-friendly states.”

This information seeks to educate about employment law and does not provide legal advice.