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Why is there suddenly a lot of sexual harassment claims?

| Jan 31, 2018 | Uncategorized |

The news has been filled with announcements of sexual harassment claims against many well-known names in California and in entertainment and politics. Some people have commented on how it seems to be a trend. The truth is that sexual harassment or abuse claims often happen in waves like this. 

According to Self, one of the main reasons is it gives women the confidence to come out with their story when they see other women talking about sexual abuse. Strength in numbers may be a good analogy. One of the reasons women keep quiet is they are afraid of being ignored or accused of lying. However, once one woman comes forward, the more women who also come forward, the better. It serves as proof that this really did happen, so all the women become more believable and are taken more seriously. 

Women often face a backlash when they make sexual allegations. The amount of time that has passed is often used to argue the allegations cannot be true or the woman would have spoken up earlier. People may say a woman is just trying to seek fame by saying someone famous abused her. Often, victims of sexual abuse face more harassment and have their characters scrutinized.

In these cases where famous men are being accused of sexual crimes, many of the victims were afraid to speak up because they feared the damage it would do to their careers. However, seeing others come forward with similar claims helped to give them the boost they needed to speak up. Afterall, the industry cannot blackball them all. This information is for education and is not legal advice.