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What are the child labor laws in entertainment?

| Dec 5, 2017 | Uncategorized |

In California, there is a need for strict child wage and hour laws due to the many child actors. This is a unique situation that does not occur in every state. Television and movies use child actors quite a bit and this requires special laws pertaining to this industry to ensure the actors are treated fairly and not harmed by working. If your child is an actor, then it helps to be clear on these laws.

According to The Department of Industrial Relations, any minor that is working must have a work permit. The employer must also have a permit to work with minors in the entertainment industry. Both types of permits must be entertainment work permits. There are also requirements for the hours children are allowed to work. The hour limitations depend on the age of the child. It may be possible to get exemptions to the hour laws in some situations.

If your child is working in entertainment, it is essential to also be aware of the law regarding school attendance. Just because a child is working does not mean he or she can miss school. It is your responsibility as the parent to ensure your child gets proper schooling, which may include homeschooling if schooling options are not offered by the employer and attendance of a regular school is not possible. 

In general, it is easiest to work with your child’s employer to ensure the employment is legal. Employers should be aware of the legal requirements. This information is intended to educate and is not legal advice.