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Gender discrimination in the workplace

| Sep 22, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Working women in California will find themselves running into the gender wage gap time and time again, even in the year 2017. It’s an unfortunate truth that gender discrimination still exists even in the modern workplace, and it can have a severe impact on all women working in it.

Huffington Post lists some statistics based on workplace gender discrimination, showing the cents that every women gets to the dollar that every man gets. On average, the breakdown looks like this:

  • Asian women make roughly 85 cents to a man’s dollar
  • White women make 75 cents
  • Black women make 63 cents
  • Latina women make 54 cents

There’s clear discrimination even among the different sub-groups of women, which continues into the current day. This is especially tragic considering that women are the head of household or “breadwinner” in roughly 50% of all American households these days. The gap in pay can make all the difference between a family having enough to live comfortably with, or being strapped for cash and having to skate by to make rent or buy groceries.

The Northwest Public Radio has stated that there are proposals on the line to help close the wage gap. This includes states banning the practice of asking for previous salaries. This practice can perpetuate a woman’s lower salary, since male counterparts who have less experience or education end up starting out with a higher pay rate quite often.

Fighting the wage gap can be a difficult thing to do. However, women everywhere deserve equal pay to men. This is a form of workplace discrimination and fighting against it will help pave the way for other working women.