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What are common wage-hour issues?

| Apr 5, 2017 | Uncategorized |

As an employee in California, you are protected by a number of state laws that ensure you won’t be mistreated by your employers in the financial realm. At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Fulton, we provide examples of the most common types of wage-hour issues so that you won’t be caught without knowing your rights in a workplace situation.

There are four primary issues that comprise wage-hour complaints. They are:

  • A lack of reimbursement for job-related expenses
  • No rest or meal breaks provided
  • Delayed or missing payments
  • Underpayment, especially for overtime or minimum wage

If your issue falls under any of these categories, you could have a case, as these are all violations of the wage-hour and overtime law. Employers who do these things are typically aiming to cut down expenses, but in return, they are short-changing you out of the money and breaks that you deserve for a stable life.

Additionally, sneaky practices on the part of your employer should be watched out for. For example, if your status as “nonexempt” or “exempt” has been misstated on purpose, or if you suspect that your wage statements are not accurate, this could be a sign that you are being cheated out of your rightful pay.

If you want to take a closer look at the Californian laws that protect you from being left unpaid or underpaid, check out our web site. It might be able to help you identify problems you’re having at your own workplace, and give you ideas about how you could handle them.