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California county sued for wrongful termination

| Apr 11, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Residents in California who are concerned about the health of the environments in which they work on a daily basis should know that the law may be there to help them if they need it. Employment laws are intended to protect people against things like harassment, discrimination and retaliatory behaviors that may contribute to hostile work environments. 

One woman in Orange County has unfortunately been said to have experienced a very negative work situation for some time before she was fired by her employer. That employer just happened to be the County Supervisor. The former employee worked for the county for two years and eight months until she was relieved of her duties after asking to be transferred to a new position under different leadership. She has indicated that her request was made at the recommendation of her physician.

After experiencing emotional and physical health problems that were allegedly caused by the overly demanding and harsh conditions in which she work, the employee sought help. Her doctor suggested asking for a new role. When she did this, the supervisor fired her. She has since initiated a civil lawsuit against the county and has provided details about the supervisor’s behavior intended to support her claim.

When an employee in California experiences unreasonable and harmful events at work, it may be helpful to talk with an attorney to understand the options available for fair treatment or compensation.

Source:  OC Register, “Former Spitzer aide sues Orange County over supervisor’s ‘raging temper,’ alleging wrongful termination,” Jordan Graham, March 27, 2017