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Handling Wage And Hour Violations at the Workplace

| Mar 15, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Wage and Hour Violations has recently become a hot topic of discussion across various political divides in the U.S. Despite the numerous strides made in protecting workers’ rights to equal pay for specified hours outlined in the contract, some employers simply fail to comply with this crucial legislation. With reasons best known to them, they have adopted several unethical procedures to rip workers off their hard earned income. According to California law, employers have a legal responsibility to implement wage and hour laws, which essentially set the minimum amount an employee may make per hour worked. Moreover, such laws contain precise instructions regarding the minimum number of hours you can work and provisions for overtime and weekend pay.

The Fair Labor Standards Act clearly advocates for a maximum of forty hours a week for each employee. Any extension beyond the stipulated timeframe warrants additional pay from the employer. Failure to make such payments constitutes to Wage And Hour Violations with grave consequences for negligent employers. Based on a recent study, wage theft in California shockingly surpassed the $1 billion mark in unpaid salaries between 2010 and 2014. To expound on the gravity of the situation, the Labor Department is currently reviewing over 24,000 violation cases with an estimated compensation value of $170 million.

As a worker, you might want to know minimum wage if you intend on acquiring maximum financial benefits. Set at $7.25, such minimum wages should guide you when claiming for just compensation from your employer. However, most States demand higher minimum wages compared to the federal directive. For workers working overtime, make sure overtime wages are set at one and a half times the standard rate. If you’ve clocked in 40 hours a week, then it simply translates to $13.50 an hour.

Minors can also partake in employment activities in exceptional circumstances. However, tasks undertaken should comply with the following chores, lest they inadvertently contribute to child labor:

• Working as an actor in TV or films

• Gathering and making evergreen wreaths

• Working entirely for their parents in less demanding environments

• Delivering newspapers

If you suspect Wage And Hour Violations from your boss, don’t hesitate to contact a seasoned employment attorney in California for basic legal advice.