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Effective Ways of Handling Wrongful Termination

| Mar 3, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Getting employed at a prominent company is widely considered to be the pinnacle of professional achievement. In such an environment, you get to interact with various professionals and engage in productive discussions. Despite the hype mainly associated with such a workplace, it is quite possible to brush your superiors the wrong way. In California, employers can get away with firing or hiring you unfairly without any repercussions. When presented before a court, such claims might not hold much to instigate a trial.

Wrongful Termination is mainly manifested when an employer violates public policy in highly controversial ways. For instance, it can be exhibited when they take action against you for reporting on illegal activities conducted at the workplace. Not all bosses are as squeaky clean as you may have assumed. Most tend to shift attention to female or male colleagues with the aim of soliciting sexual favors. As an employee, you must exercise vigilance at every corner to safeguard your professionalism from unethical requests. More importantly, keeping a watchful eye might also shield you from arrest in case your boss is connected to illegal activities.

Anytime your employer engages in sexual advances with a promotion offer, you have a legal right to complain and seek adequate help against such unethical behavior. Rather than falling to their wicked demands, it is advisable to resist such behavior even though they might threaten you with retaliation, or dismissal in the worst case scenario. Upon the discovery of unethical business transactions, an employer might try to bribe you with the sole intention of gagging you. No matter the offer on the table, you must not fall to temptation at any cost. Doing so not only compromises your integrity but also makes you an accomplice to the alleged crime.

Apart from witnessing illegal transactions or falling victim to sexual harassment, an employer might initiate several actions that inadvertently constitute to wrongful discharge. In most cases, older employees tend to fall victim when an employer fires a section of elderly workers with a view of injecting fresher blood into the company. According to them, such a move is aimed at leveling the competition with rival enterprises. Wrongful Termination can adversely affect your mental wellbeing. However, consulting an experienced employment law attorney should provide a sense of guidance on the way forward.