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Sexual harassment, wrongful termination suit filed

California residents who may believe that people today should be savvy enough to know what is and is not appropriate or allowed in the workforce may be right. However, just because people might know what behavior is appropriate or not, that does not prevent them from acting inappropriately. Sexual harassment, discrimination and other things remain all too active in all too many workplaces today.

Can at-will employees be wrongfully terminated?

If you are an at-will employee in California, you are able to be terminated for any reason and at any time. While this is a basic definition, it is also a blanket statement. Despite how it sounds, there are certain situations when a job termination is wrong and may even be illegal. The National Conference of State Legislatures describes the reasons that at-will employees may be wrongfully terminated.

UC system harassment allegations at medical facilities

Many a California resident has sought medical treatment at one of the five centers operated by the University of California system. These medical centers and hospitals should be among the finest with their research facilities and educational staff. What makes a hospital fine, however, should extend to the environment in which its employees work. Sadly, the UC medical centers appear to be having a problem with this.

Handling Wage And Hour Violations at the Workplace

Wage and Hour Violations has recently become a hot topic of discussion across various political divides in the U.S. Despite the numerous strides made in protecting workers' rights to equal pay for specified hours outlined in the contract, some employers simply fail to comply with this crucial legislation. With reasons best known to them, they have adopted several unethical procedures to rip workers off their hard earned income. According to California law, employers have a legal responsibility to implement wage and hour laws, which essentially set the minimum amount an employee may make per hour worked. Moreover, such laws contain precise instructions regarding the minimum number of hours you can work and provisions for overtime and weekend pay.

Types of discrimination in the workplace

California employees should be able to trust that they will be treated fairly by employers or potential employers. Sadly, this does not always happen. Discrimination in the workplace takes many forms and can be very subtle at times as well. It is important for Californians to understand what may be discriminatory behaviors or actions so as to protect themselves.

Effective Ways of Handling Wrongful Termination

Getting employed at a prominent company is widely considered to be the pinnacle of professional achievement. In such an environment, you get to interact with various professionals and engage in productive discussions. Despite the hype mainly associated with such a workplace, it is quite possible to brush your superiors the wrong way. In California, employers can get away with firing or hiring you unfairly without any repercussions. When presented before a court, such claims might not hold much to instigate a trial.

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